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Wishes Granted


    A frail single lady in her 50s lives in a room she rents from a friend. She is undergoing treatment for colon cancer. Often she must keep two of her grandchildren. Her car needed wheel and steering repairs for her to safely transport the children and to get her to her medical appointments. Fairy Godmothers paid for the necessary car repairs.


    A woman in her 60s cares for two teenage grandchildren. One is autistic and the other suffers from disabling anxiety. She needed work on her car to be able to get both grandchildren to the professional help they need. Fairy Godmothers paid for some car repairs to enable her to safely transport her grandchildren.


    A woman in her 50s has several medical problems, including severe arthritis. She formerly worked for a cleaning company, but now her only income is from cleaning a few homes. She owns a mobile home, but was delinquent in her taxes. Fairy Godmothers were able to help with her taxes so she can continue to live independently.