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Wishes Granted


    A woman needed professional clothing for an internship and job interviews. The fairies provided a grant to help her buy appropriate clothing. 


    A woman needed help to pay a bill for mental health counseling. A grant from the fairies helped her pay for that expense so she could then continue necessary physical therapy sessions and return to normal activities.


    A young single mother had just passed her GED and she wanted to take a course at Manhattan Area Technical College. She had no means to pay for the course, but a grant from the fairies made it possible. 


    The furnace went out in the home that a woman was able to purchase on contract. The fairies were able to buy a vented stove at a reduced cost, and a local company agreed to cut their cost by $50 so that it could be installed.  


    A woman needed her exhaust system fixed to prevent fumes from coming into her vehicle. The fumes would be very harmful to her because she had kidney surgery that November. The fairies helped cover the cost of the exhaust system repair.