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Hand Up Grants (HUGs) - Wishes Granted

Wishes Granted / Hand Up Grants (HUGs)

  • Hand Up Grant (HUG) helps local CNA student

    At a low time in her life, Jennifer Garrett said she needed a fairy godmother. She got one. Actually, she got 700 fairy godmothers!
    Garrett said she was bless by the non-profit organization in Manhattan known as Fairy Godmothers. This organization is women helping women in this area. In Garrett’s case, she was awarded a Hand Up Grant that is helping her accomplish her goal to become a registered nurse.
    "This has been HUGE in my life,” Garrett said. "I can’t wait to be a Fairy Godmother and give back by helping others.”
    Garrett was the first recipient to receive the HUG from the Fairy Godmothers.


    To view the official press releases and full story, click here and here.


    HUG Recipient