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2016 - Wishes Granted

Wishes Granted / 2016


    The Fairy Godmothers bought a bed for a woman and her husband who just moved to Manhattan.  They have three children, one of which is still in diapers.  The husband works full time and is otherwise able to support his family financially.


    The Fairy Godmothers paid $600 for major dental work including partial dentures discounted at 50 percent at Konza Dental for a woman.  She is trying to get her life back together again after spending some time in jail.  She is working and supporting her disabled daughter.  Her dental bill was $700, and she could not afford all of this.


    Someone helped a woman with three children get a van that later had the wiring ruined by rodents.  She recently remarried and was living in a farmhouse that did not have power.  Someone helped them find an apartment. The Fairy Godmothers  paid to get the van running, and now she will be able to look for a job.


    A woman in her 70s lives alone and supports herself on a small disability check.  She does get a small amount of food stamps and has a baby sitting job.  The Fairy Godmothers paid for six months of her car insurance because she could not make her payments.


    An applicant and her family (disabled husband, two children, and two pets) were living in a motel. They were looking for a place to rent close to the job for which she was recently hired. The husband is also looking for work that caters more to a man with severe back and joint injuries. They had a vehicle but the engine blew and it was totaled. She was asking for a bike so she could get to work on time. Fairy Godmothers were able to work with the Green Apple Bike Project to get a refurbished bicycle for her.