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2014 - Wishes Granted

Wishes Granted / 2014


    A woman on disability and her son live in a mobile home. The son works in a fast-food establishment for less than $8.00 an hour. The furnace needed a new motor in anticipation of the coming cold weather. She worked diligently to find a company who could do the work on her furnace for a reasonable amount. Although her car also needs work, she decided that the furnace is a higher priority. Fairy Godmothers paid for the furnace repair before the cold weather set in.


    A single mother living in public housing works as a housekeeper, but her hours and pay are not great considering most of her hours come from the football games. When she is working, her little son is taken care of by her neighbor. As of late, she has been walking to work because she does not have car insurance and does not want to get pulled over with no insurance. Fairy Godmothers paid the 6 month policy premium for her.


    A woman recently moved here from another state because she got approved for section 8 housing here. When she moved here, she quickly found a job as a housekeeper. Unfortunately, her hours were cut dramatically, and she ended up being laid off due to lack of work. She is still looking for work.  She has been sleeping on her floor with sheets and comforter. Fairy Godmothers bought her a bed.


    A single woman with a teenage daughter is currently living with relatives, but would prefer to find her own residence. She has applied for disability but is looking for a part time job in the meantime. Her car is essential to finding and getting to a job. All this woman asked of Fairy Godmothers was to pay her car registration – less than $100.


    Older woman living by herself on very limited income needed dental work or she would have pain and infection.   The grant enabled her to have the needed work.