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2012 - Wishes Granted

Wishes Granted / 2012


    Essential dental work was necessary so an abused woman would not lose her teeth or become ill from them. Employed part-­time, she was seeking full-­time employment but needed to preserve her health and appearance to do so. A grant made the dental work possible.


    Hard work allowed a woman to get a better paying job to support herself and her seven year old, but her car needed a new battery so she could get to the job. Support from the fairies bought that necessary battery for her.


    A woman was diagnosed with a brain tumor which caused hearing loss in her left ear. As a result, she could not pass a driver’s test so was unable to get to work. The fairies helped pay for a hearing aid. 


    Problems with her eyes prevented a woman from doing her job. After she had them checked, the doctor ordered new glasses so she could see to do her job. She could not afford the glasses but the Godmothers provided a grant for them.


    A woman had surgery on her legs and the door on the driver’s side of her car would not open. Also the brakes on the car were so dangerous that the vendor would not let her drive her car home. The vendor drove her home. We were able to get the car door and the brakes fixed so that she could drive to her doctors’ appointments.