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2011 - Wishes Granted

Wishes Granted / 2011


    A mother of one recently attained a job that gives her limited income. She could not afford the unexpected expense of new tires. After visiting several vendors to find the best price she asked the fairies for help. She said “I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to apply for a grant. With new tires I will be able to travel to work safely and have my mind at ease.” 


    A single mom with 3 kids and limited child support is working to complete college courses online. When she is finished, she will be able to complete her student teaching and hopes to find work in the Manhattan school district. Her aging computer would not take the software required for her course work and she needed some assistance paying for a computer update. The fairies provided a grant to assist. 


    A single older adult with some disabilities is the sole caretaker for her adult special needs daughter and will continue to be for the rest of her life. Her car was diagnosed as needing a new fuel pump and HVAC repairs. She was able to cover only part of the cost, the fairies assisted with the rest. 


    In the last 5 years, one woman has suffered 2 strokes causing her some health limitations. Ft. Riley has been willing to employ her in a job where she does not have to deal with the public. She needs to keep this job because it is her only source of income and her car needed repairs. A grant from the fairies helped out with the repairs. 


    A single mom with 4 young children works part time, receives a very small amount for child support, and has food stamps to help feed her family. One of her children has an extreme asthma problem requiring medications and frequent doctor’s visits. She also transports her children to many school activities. The fairies assisted with some needed car repairs to keep them mobile.