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2010 - Wishes Granted

Wishes Granted / 2010


    The furnace went out in the home that a woman was able to purchase on contract. The fairies were able to buy a vented stove at a reduced cost, and a local company agreed to cut their cost by $50 so that it could be installed.  


    A woman needed her exhaust system fixed to prevent fumes from coming into her vehicle. The fumes would be very harmful to her because she had kidney surgery that November. The fairies helped cover the cost of the exhaust system repair. 


    A woman with three young daughters who escaped a very abusive marriage needed help getting her car repaired in order to get to work and transport her children. The fairies helped with the cost of the needed car repairs. 


    A woman lost her job because of a car accident. She has four children and her husband is disabled. The fairies assisted with the cost of the car repair so she could return to work and transport her children to school, appointments, etc. 



    A woman became responsible for paying all of the bills when her boyfriend left without warning. Her car was vandalized by some teenagers, who slashed the tires and broke the windshield. A friend helped replace the tires, and the fairies paid for the new windshield.