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2009 - Wishes Granted

Wishes Granted / 2009


    Another woman who has a job and was taking cosmetology classes had her purse containing financial aid money and cash from her paycheck stolen. This money was to be used for her rent, food, diapers, and car tags. The Salvation Army helped out as well as our grant which covered tags and taxes. 


    A single mother of five needed a washing machine. The fairies encouraged her to shop around and find a good deal; and with the help of a grant from the fairies she was able to purchase a working washing machine. 


    A woman documented that she had been shorted on her social security check and as a result, she was unable to cover her expenses while the problem was being resolved. A Salvation Army representative went with her to buy two month’s supply of diapers and wipes for her two small children, using a grant from the fairies to pay for the items. 


    The freezing temperatures shattered the back window of a woman’s car. A grant from the fairies was used to replace the window and she was then able to transport her children to school and herself to job interviews. 


    A woman needed professional clothing for an internship and job interviews. The fairies provided a grant to help her buy appropriate clothing.