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    As we're sure you know, hidden needs exist all around us – whether it be to pay for having a car fixed so a young woman can get to her job, or to provide dentures for an elderly woman, or to pay for the first class toward a degree at the technical college.

    Several Manhattan women came up with a dream to establish an endowed fund within the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation to benefit less fortunate women of the "Greater Manhattan Area," a fund that we are calling the Fairy Godmothers Endowed Fund. We envision a time when all of the women in Manhattan can lead lives filled with promise and opportunity.

    The Fairy Godmothers' Funds provide flexible accessible monies to improve the health and well being of Manhattan women with limited resources and to address immediate, short- term critical needs not met by traditional funding sources.

    { Our Mission }

    The Fairy Godmothers' Funds are component funds of the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation that will serve to benefit women of the Greater Manhattan area. The funds provide flexible monies to improve the health and well-being of women with limited resources who have immediate needs not met by traditional funding resources within the community.